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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reviews and Testimonies

Lady Shaun's testimony:

Hello There, My name is Shaun Cauley, I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon Melina's blog. For a long time I have been praying about and seeking to understand femininity, and the effects it has on my relationships.

I was raised by a divorced mother, who taught me that being a woman means being strong, educated, independent and goal oriented. In regards to men, I was only taught; not to let them take advantage of me.

I value very much the things I learned growing up. My mother didn't however teach me how to interact with men, the value, the functionality and usefulness of the other side of femininity.

Melina's blog focuses on reviving the lost arts of femininity, how to be soft and strong at the same time. 

I have learned so much from her writings and her courses!

It is no wonder during this day and age, so many relationships are failing. Men have not been men, and women have not allowed them to take their role as men.

I have enjoyed Melina's articles because she addresses this disparity and in great depth. I now have clarity about the type of relationship that I want and what I want my role to be in it.

My understanding has greatly improved since finding her blog. I am now ready to allow the men in my life to be the masculine energy, even if I am better and smarter than they are :-)"

Lady Shaun ♥ Shaun Cauley (email available on request.)

Teresa's testimony: 

Melina is amazing.

Her insight into the world of femininity is a true gem to be taken advantage of- especially for women seeking to find their true loves.

There is absolutely an art of femininity and Melina has it.

Teresa http://www.prettyandfabulous.com/

Hana's testimony: 

My name is Hana and I'm from Malaysia. Before I came across to Melina's blog, I used to be a girl who lacked self esteem and was afraid to express how I really felt. Back in college, I was the kind of girl who had short hair, and who wore jerseys.

I played sports like hockey and hung out with a lot of boys. But one thing I didn't realize at the time was that they treated me as if I was one of same gender. They did not see me how they would see a GIRL!

One day, one of my mum's friends came over to our house and said," I didn't know you had 3 boys". I have 2 brothers and I am the only daughter in the family. I was shocked and I later looked at myself in the mirror and suddenly it appeared to me that I has forgotten how to be and to act like a girl.

You see, my mum is a very feminine type of lady who speaks with a soft and subtle tone of voice. From that moment on, I wished I could be more like her. So, I googled "how to act like a real woman," and I came across Melina's blog.

I was impressed because Melina teaches every women to love themselves before they love anyone else. She tells us that to love yourself, you first need to trigger your feminine side and that femininity is your most important quality. She tells us that a woman should learn how to dress herself depending on the occasion (and that real women have curves).

A woman should practice how to speak with grace and a feminine attitude (like the way Princesses talk). She should learn how to walk and carry herself with confidence and maintain her feminine side, and appear to be sexy, not cheap.

Melina's courses are the ones that will help women around the world to radically improve themselves. I practice everything that Melina has taught us in her blogs, and I don't know how I can thank her enough.

Words simply cannot show how much gratitude I have for her. Now, I'm not only confident, with the tips and tools I've learned from Melina, but I can ENCHANT men, and anyone else around me.

I 101% recommend Melina's blogs and products to every woman out there who wishes to improve herself so that they she can become a better woman. 

Hana Hana De Heiress (email available on request)

Mary Beth's testimony:

During an era when young women are indoctrinated by films, books, and magazines preaching a militant brand of post-modern feminism, in which young women are taught either to despise men or to flaunt their sexuality in order to obtain their attention, many Christian girls grapple with feelings of intense loneliness and confusion, as if they were born in the wrong century.

They long for the brand of femininity exuded by the legendary classic sirens of long ago, including Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, women famous for their beauty, elegance, charm…and appeal to the opposite sex. Surely these women did not despise men - or rely upon their cleavage to capture male hearts? They were ladylike women, always protective of their modesty and dignity, who nevertheless have remained examples of feminine grace and allure throughout the decades.

Before discovering Melina’s blog, I struggled to reconcile my feminine role models with the mores (or lack thereof) of the present age. I was heartbroken by what seemed like a lack of appreciation for pure female beauty, virtue, and charm, unpolluted by that vulgarity often expected of women today as they try to become better men THAN MEN.

This blog has become a beacon of clarity for me in a culturally dark world. Melina has revealed that those men worth having (such as Grace Kelly’s Prince Rainier) are entranced by a woman who REVELS in her femininity but still maintains an air of godly mystery. My responsibility as a woman is to perfect those beautiful gifts given to me by God, including an intelligent mind, a pretty face, and a warm heart. 

Melina has taught me that THESE gifts are those which attract a truly WONDERFUL man.

I graduate from medical school on May 14.

As I prepare to enter a profession historically populated by men (and await the husband God has chosen for me).

I plan to continue gleaning strength and encouragement from Melina’s truly miraculous and revolutionary blogs and courses, which has already changed my life in so many ways by motivating me to become the enchanting lady God envisioned when he formed me in the womb. 

Mary Beth Mary Beth Dearmon (email available on request.)

Maria's testimony:

 I have been reading Melina's work for a number of years, my life has changed dramatically as a direct result of the teachings I have learned.

I had just come out of a terrible relationship when I began reading, I was now the mother of a wonderful daughter, and determined upon a fresh start.

I was very feminine as a child, however as I grew up I experienced bullying that was to continue for the rest of my school life (even on Prom night!) Along with the aforementioned relationship this had a direct affect on my femininity, in effect it knocked it out of me, I became hard and cold, I also used bad language more frequently.

I met a wonderful man, and my daughter took to him immediately, however we experienced many of the problems I had gone through in my previous engagement, not least of which was the attempts of another woman to spoil our blossoming romance. My partner then moved three hundred miles away to study, of course this only added to our problems.

I then found “the art of being feminine” and this proved to be a turning point, I became clear with both my man and myself about the standards of behaviour I expected and the way in which I wished to be treated.

I followed the advice about valuing yourself as “a creature unlike any other,” and began to see changes, small things at first like my man pulling out my chair in a restaurant, and eventually bigger things such as telling “the other woman” that her behaviour towards me was unacceptable and that she was to leave us alone.

Things became even better the more I read and practiced what I learned from the courses and ebooks. I also grew out my hair and *gasp* bought a skirt. My partner proposed in our favourite restaurant and this time I got a real diamond, quite a difference from the hideous man’s ring my previous fiancé gave me!

I have learned how to cook and my fiancé is full of praise for my new found skills, few things make me happier than baking a batch of my daughter’s favourite cup cakes with her. Seven years ago I would never have been able to imagine that one day I would enjoy baking as a hobby or be seen dead in a skirt and heels.

I am getting married in two months and I would like to thank Melina Dean, the art of being feminine and for all her wonderful work, which has made such a difference to me personally. I read the “the art of being feminine” site each day, and am delighted that now there are two new blogs to read as well.

Maria. Maria (email available on request)

Jazmyn's testimony:

Melina's information is an every day bible, not only for women who wish to BE women, but for anyone who appreciates authentic feminine energy.

Her information is not merely a 'how-to-get-a-man-within-10-minutes" type of advice, but she truly teaches us how to recognize, develop, use, and most importantly LOVE our God given femininity and charm.

She teaches us how to embrace the natural, caring, and nurturing side of a woman, and how to feel PROUD while doing so, which is a very difficult task for many women today.

I must confess, I was a former radical, man hating feminist. I became that way after several awful dating experiences.I felt pressured to be 'strong' and I would lie to myself daily, rejecting and abhorring anything feminine or womanly. (Although I was insanely jealous of women who wore their femininity with pride. Such poise and grace nearly floored me!!!)

After coming across her blogs and courses, I truly re-invented myself. I must admit, I was a bit apprehensive at first, however her advice was not only new and taught from a different approach, but it also made SENSE...

I would like to thank Melina for sharing such wonderful knowledge with us, and for being brave enough to continue with it regardless of criticism she may receive from certain people (radical feminists.)

PS: A gentle warning: men WILL begin to react differently to your presence, in the best of ways!! Men who may not have noticed you before will suddenly feel obliged to carry your groceries, open doors for you, and best of all, treat you with unrivaled respect.

I have honestly gained nothing but the best from Melina :)

Jazmyn Jazmyn Tia Bell (email available on request.)

Faith's testimony:

Reading Melina's work on deploying womanly arts has truly transformed my life. My journey began with her blog, The Art Of Being Feminine".

To say it was an eye-opener is an understatement. 

Where some women may be offended (why??), I see the promise of a return to what makes us unique and powerful.

It takes confidence to rely on our instincts and not let societal pressures, external agendas or inner doubts override what we know to be inherently true about ourselves.

Black women in particular have been maligned or bought into a distorted outlook of themselves. Every woman as an individual has her own particular set of strengths she should become familiar with and utilize.

Patriarchy has it's benefits and disadvantages - for both genders. Some people don't understand their roles within personal relationships anymore. Women began to act like men in adopting some of the same traits that are distressing to begin with.

Tapping into our strength of character to be a lady with goals, a sense of purpose and deploying solid boundaries makes us formidable.

The site(s) have offered practical, valuable advice we can use immediately to shape the direction of our lives from where we now stand to move forward with purpose."

Faith Faith Dow (email available on request.)

Lovella's testimony:

After a failed relationship, losing a job and being a single mom to a three year old girl, my life was out of control. Practically heartbroken and financially unstable, I mourned for almost a year and half. In that gloomy phase of my life, I also forgot about myself, became isolated, lifeless and bland. All I could think of was how much my ex had hurt me, and stressing myself out too much to please everyone!

One afternoon, while my angel was taking a nap, I was surfing the net, and then a blog called "the art of being a feminine" immediately grabbed my attention. At first I was a bit skeptical about it, and thought that it is just another beauty tips site, but it is not. It's MORE than just a beauty tip!! It is all about LOVING YOURSELF as a woman, and embracing the femininity.

It really changed my point of view about life, and about love. Melina's blogs and courses have also really helped me to move on with life, to realize that it is not the end of the world, and there are lot of fish in the seas, and opportunities. 

I used Melina's advice to bring back my once lost CROWN. It has taught me to how to be a better woman, to be strong, graceful, confident, enticing, seductive, wonderful!!

Melina's advice has given me plenty of new ideas about men too, on how to understand them, keep them, and make them ask for more of me! I have shaken off the dust, and stood up with my head held up high, (just like a beauty queen that falls down on the steps but gets up gracefully). I also have been taking care of myself again, being with friends, and am back in shape.

Loving, celebrating, and embracing the power of being a woman. Thanks Melina, you are truly a goddess!"

Lovella Torres Lovella Torres (email available on request)

Hannah's testimony:

Hi. My name is Hannah. I want to begin by saying how much I love Melina's Femininissma "school". It is packed full of wonderful information, methods of seductresses, and is really, truly life CHANGING.

A few years ago I was in a rather dark place, relationship wise, but thanks to Melina for so generously sharing her relationship secrets with us, for teaching us how to feel good about ourselves and how to express our wonderful femininity, that phase has ended. I will tell you I was also quite shy, and completely disheartened about men, now I am confident-- assured-- a new woman.

Since I have been reading Melina's blogs and learning her principles, I have found a man who treats me nothing less than a queen. He respects me, appreciates me, supports me.

I also have some of her courses and can vouch they are excellent and worth every cent-- in fact I think she could charge a lot more for them.

Each new lesson of feminissma is something that I wait for with bated breath. Get ready to be blown out of the water with her secrets. :) This cupcake has been. :)

I highly recommend Melina-- to anyone reading this testimony, to my friends, and they usually end up recommending her to their friends :)"

Hannah Hannah (email available on request.)

Aurielle's testimony:

Hello my name is Aurielle and I feel so fortunate to have found Melina's blog by sheer coincidence whilst surfing the internet.

I think Melina is giving a very important service to women of all ages by teaching the long lost art of femininity that we modern women have all too frequently neglected to learn.

It is so sad that women are taught how to be strong and independent at the expense of their femininity, when true strength is found in the gentle feminine way that comes so naturally to women. As little girls we don't want to be like boys. But as we grow we become more and more in competition with men, fighting to be like them.

But we will never win because we are WOMEN. And being a woman is a wonderful thing that we should celebrate!

That is what Melina teaches in her blogs and online courses. I can't thank her enough! I must add that these teachings do not teach women to be doormats, quite the opposite.

I find that once you harness your inner goddess the man in your life will treat you like a queen. It's all up to us! Keep up the great work Melina!

Aurielle Aurielle Sciorilli (email available on request)

Natalie's testimony; “Empty yourself and let the universe fill you” “Do not live by emotions; instead live by intuition and consciousness”

Melina first and foremost I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for encouraging women from all walks of life to cultivate their femininity back again and how to apply this in every facet in their lives.

I truly believe a woman’s load should be light however not a lot of women know this. When women become aware in applying their femininity to ease their livelihood they truly reap the BENEFITS of increasing in positioning themselves and their future offspring to SURVIVE and THRIVE.

Investing in an improved and growing version of your feminine self is a must in building the quality of life you want. Since the wake of modern feminism, I believe the gender roles of men and women have reversed to the worst to some degree.

From what I’ve experienced firsthand and observed half of the male population have forgotten to show chivalry towards women. Another thing I‘ve noticed is that some men of this present time expect women to give to them without assessing their intentions which is wrong.

An up and coming lady maturing more into her femininity should always be on guard for potential emasculate males who cannot RECIPROCATE back in return run away from charity case men such as these they are no good!

Women of every age should feel and start acting the part that they have it MADE no matter the obstacles and oppression they’ve faced in life. Just know that whatever negativity you have experienced against your femininity matures you in acquiring a resilient mindset and spirit.

It is not any woman’s job to be helping a man to a point that your very own needs, feelings, and desires get ignored trust me on this nothing good comes from being a dim witted charity service for any man. I know a close relative who endured this maltreatment. As a lady, woman, siren, charmer, and pretty clever gal you must know how to play your cards to benefit YOU and your situation.

You play your cards by learning to become a better critical thinker in knowing when and how to use your femininity in acquiring what you need to do for yourself (I know this thing takes some time because as a young woman I’m still learning this process myself)

I personally can attest once you start to cultivate your god given femininity the world will be at your feet. I remember Melina mentioned in her previous blog to embrace wearing light and bright colors and wearing bright colors that flatter your figure and complexion makes you standout even more.

I use to shy away from lighter clothing and now I don’t. If I want to wear a nice black outfit or some other dark clothing that compliments my figure I ACCESSORIZE IT by wearing very nice bright colored necklace, belt, bracelet, shoes, bag, or earrings. I also believe whatever type of color you usually wear can influence your mood and emotions.

Another personal testament I believe really helped from Melina’s blog was realizing the mess I found myself in when I previously was involved with a loser type emasculate male. Melina mentioned on her previous blog about how to assess if you know a man treats you well and not looking for just some “physical satisfaction”

I met M.B. back in the summer of 2003 and from that time on he was in and out of my life. Things were not heading at a point (NOT EVEN CLOSE) where I thought I would be with M.B. I wish I was not naïve back then because as this sort of relationship happened I kept having questions in the back of my mind about him such as: When I met him, he said he’s 23, was he actually 23? and LOOK 23?

He didn’t take me out really, what type of relationship is this? He NEVER introduced me to friends, family, or co-workers of his, hey what’s going on here? The majority of the time he would come to my house and he NEVER brought me to where he lived with family, that’s NOT FAIR what are you trying to hide? Are you homeless or something?
He didn’t show me his workplace but only stated where he supposedly worked, well, are you unemployed or collecting unemployment checks?

He was quick to REACT sometimes, is he having too many bad days? *RED FLAG* He showed a LACK of valuing my opinions and respecting my boundaries, that was the icing on the cake, Adios you got to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I broke things off with him about a year ago and he still tried to come and LEECH back into my life. All these questions I had running in my mind I confronted him about it. I realized when I spoke to him in person it did not make any difference he kept giving me excuses for his behavior.

I’m glad I confronted him because I became more intuitive that I was dealing with an emasculate male. I take this situation as a lesson learned. Ladies please develop good intuition about men (and how men think) and use your wisdom in how to treat/deal with each man who comes into your life.

I can’t thank you enough Melina for writing it out what to assess when a man treats you well and not after to use you. Enclosing ladies do your best to evolve into your unique feminine self and you’ll see how your world changes you can be of inspiration and positive influence to other women as well.

Sincerely, Natalie."

Natalie Natalie Macauley (email available on request.)

Heather's testimony; "I am so grateful to have found Melina's blog on femininity. It has transformed my life! My view of sensuality, personal power & creativity has been greatly expanded & I'm having so much fun! I was always incredibly insecure when it came to how to handle myself around men. I have been married for 8 years but felt frumpy and stuck in a routine.

Once I began reading "The Art of Being Feminine" I felt a transformation beginning. I realized I didn't have to be militant or "hard" all the time... 

I began implementing Melina's tips and the next thing I knew my husband was surprising me with flowers, asking me out on dates and I would catch him staring at me with that "I'm so in love with you" look.

Melina helped me master the subtleties of being sexy yet classy/respectful at the same time. In fact, the advice given in this blog and program work so well I have had other men drawn to me and they didn't quite understand why.

I've heard "there's just something about you", "I like the way I feel around you" "you have sexy eyes" among other kind compliments all as a direct result of things I've learned from Melina.

My husband is proud that he has a woman that is in touch with her femininity and in turn, it makes him feel more like a man.

Melina is a gift and I can't wait to learn more from her.

Heather Heather Parsons (email available on request.)

Nissi's testimony:

 Melina’s, "The Art of Being Feminine blog" and courses has been so helpful in my life. It’s something I look forward to looking over almost every day. I get really happy when there is something new to read. I plan on buying every course that she produces!

Here’s why:

I have a very sexy, masculine husband but after my second or third year of marriage I was becoming predictable. I don’t believe I was boring, but for my reasons of “lack of time” I began to do things the same way over and over. In my mind “routine” kept me on schedule. No surprises.

My husband even questioned me along the lines of, “Was I overwhelmed?” Here I thought I was saving time and being efficient and he thought something was wrong with me. Well, I read a couple of Melina’s blogs and they got me back on track.

From cooking to doing my hair (and of course our bed time) I began to make some changes. I’ve relaxed now and enjoy the surprises I give and the surprises given to me.

In addition to the articles on beauty and diet that are always an encouragement, another article that I’ll never forget reading is the article on Apple Cider. What an eye-opener.

After reading it, immediately I ran to the store to get some and I did everything that she gave examples of doing. I’m really into natural products but I never thought about using AC to clear up my face.

It was so good that I told several of my girlfriends,and I also used it on my youngest who “lives” (plays constantly) in dirt and was beginning to have rashes. It really worked to clear up the rash.

There was an article on allowing ourselves to be feminine. Wow! how that helped me. I’m so glad that I’m a feminine woman now and I don’t allow myself to get trampled on by supposed-to-be friends, bad men, etc.

In fact, when I think about it I’ve learned a lot about what a feminine woman will allow. Which has given me more self-assurance, because now I see femininity as graceful but strong… not weak and mushy.

I couldn't believe when I found this blog what was here for me absolutely free. What a wealth of knowledge that Melina has shared with me and others. I read the articles over and over and I keep notes in my 'feminine' notebook. It’s something that I think is so much fun! And, her blog is so pretty!"

Nissi Nissi Allen (email available on request.)

Sara's Testimony:

Adolescence is often a stormy for many children, and mine was like a hurricane. I had a speech impediment and lived with only my physically disabled father. I was picked on heavily and thus turned into delinquent tomboy at the worst level. I remained so for many years until I discovered Melina's blog.

I read it every morning faithfully, hoping to regain my femininity and confidence that I once had when I was much younger. I went from delinquent, hotheaded tomboy to ultra feminine woman that I am today. I also don't feel embarrassed to be more feminine, i.e. wearing a dress and hair flowers while most girls my age wear sweats and flip-flops.

I don't feel ashamed to let a man do something for me, like opening a door for me or help me carry something heavy, while many girls are utterly offended by chivalrous acts. I also don't feel bad listening to my dad's advice about how to be more attractive to men, while years before I would've told him to shut up along with a string of dirty words.

I regained my confidence, femininity, pride in myself, and respect for the opposite sex and their feelings other than just thinking of my own. Melina's ebook also helped me understand why men do what they do and how they feel during marriage. Before reading it, I had little idea of such a matter.

I now feel okay tying the knot with the love of my life when we are ready to do so. Even if we broke up, I will still be confident in knowing how men really think and want instead of guessing on a daily basis like most women.

Thank you Melina! Keep up the fabulous, feminine work! Love Sara."

Sara Sara Elizabeth Murray (email available on request.)

Denise's testimony:

My name is Denise and I am glad that Melina has provided us with her teachings and views regarding the feminine arts. Femininity is not something that I consciously ponder.

My femininity is an intrinsic part of my being. I love being a woman and I embrace all aspects of this wonderful part of my nature because it makes me feel special. I’ve learned that charm, graciousness, and an attention to appearance help me to navigate daily life with purpose and with gratitude.

I’m blessed to be part of a family of beautiful feminine women and I observed from the time I was a child how they carried themselves on a day-to-day basis. I saw first-hand how well respected they were by their loved ones, friends, and community.

By watching my mom, grandmother, and aunts from an early age I learned how to cultivate the feminine side of my nature and to treat people according to the Golden Rule.

However, exposure to the larger culture has caused me to see that many young girls and adult women have rejected the softer side of their personality and these females have no idea how to tap into the benefits of carrying the XX chromosome.

Sadly, many young girls don’t have mothers who know how to guide them through the journey towards womanhood because the moms themselves haven’t been exposed to the teachings and mannerisms that used to be passed down from generation to generation.

In my humble opinion, Western culture (e.g., TV and magazines) primarily show women in an overtly physical manner with little regard for modesty and refinement. We live in a time when many women feel that they need to be loud, crass, and dress skimpily in order to get attention.
This is why Melina’s articles are so important.

Her words serve as a guide to women who have never explored their feminine side and provide reinforcement to women like myself who appreciate her tips, techniques, and keen insight.

Melina has so much wisdom regarding the behavior patterns that garner successful interactions between people and she provides specific strategies that teach women how they can stand apart from the pack and be seen as quality females.

Her words provide a valuable service to women everywhere and I’m thankful she has chosen to share her perception of femininity with all of us.

Denise Denise (email provides on request.)

Patricia's testimony:

Not so long ago I sat in my room and wondered why I felt so unfeminine. I knew how to put on makeup well, had nice long hair, loved purses and perfume but I never felt feminine. This was a feeling I had for a very long time, but I always pushed it to the back of the pile of things to worry about.

However, this day was different. I couldn’t shake this feeling away. So I sat and analyzed the situation. At the end of my internal debate, two very cold and hard facts dawned on me. The first was that fact that I never really grew up learning how to be feminine.

The second fact was I grew up being ashamed of expressing feminine behavior and took it as a sign of weakness in myself – that I couldn’t be strong and feminine at the same time. This was a belief that had haunted me during my teenage and young-adult years where I become the most unfeminine, but felt the yearning to be the opposite.

After realizing this, I went through the normal process of figuring out how I ended up this way. The most important fact was that I recognized the yearning to change, and saw how I had slowly been softening and changing for the past year or two.

The hard and cold personality was gone, it was no longer me. But I didn’t quite know how to start developing the skills and traits to be who I longed to be. I felt lost and suck in limbo. I had no feminine role models in my life, and had no idea where to start. So, I went to my favorite place to find information: Google.

What Google brought me was more then I had expected. I found an entire blog full of wonderful articles on the art of being feminine. This blog of course, belonged to Melina.

It didn’t take me long to realize I had found a true gem. The wealth of information presented was overwhelming at first, but I couldn’t read enough. I was so thrilled to find someone educated on the arts that was willing to share this information.

The materials are well-thought out, researched, and all articles were clear and easy to understand. I adore how personal it seems, I feel like Melina is talking to me through the articles rather than I am reading some book of information.

While reading these articles I felt like a missing part of myself was being unlocked. I felt safe in slowly letting this part of myself creep out knowing the fact that other women such as Melina herself, live to be true to their feminine selves without fear of criticism.

I learned that I had gotten caught up in the feminist stereotype I grew up being surrounded by, and realized I agreed it was unnatural. I had grown up being taught I had to accomplish the roles of both a woman and a man, and ended up trying hard to be more masculine in my traits to accomplish this, yet I wasn’t doing very well and I certainly wasn’t happy.

I had lost myself in this process which started as a young girl. I was very strengthened and empowered by Melina’s words to let men be men, and to let us be who we are, women. It was at this point I knew I was ready to embrace my feminine self.

One area of my life that has dramatically changed in such a short amount of time is my interactions with men, an area of my life I have always had problems with. I began to interact with men differently and even my male friends started treating me more like a woman rather than ‘one of the guys’ which I had grown to detest. My interactions with men are now smoother and men even noticed me more with this new way of presenting myself.

I’ve found it flattering and realized I must be doing something right, as I normally go by unnoticed- even when dressed up.

This just goes to show how powerful the information in Melina’s articles are, and how true her words are when she suggests we let men act let men and let ourselves act like women.

It was almost magical how this change happened, and I wasn’t even trying to change this part, I was too busy focusing on my internal changes. It was an amazing perk!

The biggest changes though, are the ones within myself. Within a few months I have gone from feeling lost and unsure of myself to feeling lighter, confident and the happiest I have felt in a long time.

I feel like every day I am a step closer to becoming my true self as I allow myself to be how I’ve wanted to be for so long- feminine and womanly. Without Melina’s articles I would still be lost and without encouragement to be feminine and womanly. Also, I would still be clueless of where to start this amazing life changing journey.

From Melina’s articles I feel empowered and approach my life with more grace, charm and a sense of freedom. Finding this blog has been a blessing and the ray of light I had been looking for to help me find my inner strength and real power to change my life around.

As I continue to change and learn the arts taught by Melina I am finding the confidence to achieve my dreams as I learn to be the natural and best me. The rut I’ve felt stuck in is dissolving faster than I could have imagined and I have Melina to thank for that.

As I’ve said before, without her articles I would probably still be stuck wondering how to change, and how to fix the missing puzzle piece in myself. 

With her materials I have found strength and guidance to change, and it is transforming my life. I never expected such large changes to happen from reading a blog.

Melina’s articles will continue to be a staple in my life for a long time to come. These changes I have expressed may not seem like a big deal, but they are very significant to me. Finding the strength to be the best woman I can be, and finding the confidence to do so is transforming my life in many ways.
I have always been proud to be a woman, but now I feel even more so. I am empowered in embracing my natural strengths and weaknesses and no longer feel the need to manipulate or changes parts of myself to be a certain way. This feeling of following my true nature and the confidence it has brought is truly an amazing gift.

Anyone who feels they are missing their feminine and womanly self would be crazy to not embrace the information provided by Melina in her articles and courses. I highly recommend Melina’s work to anyone looking to learn how to find their womanly side and to discover the true power and beauty of being a woman.

Patricia Patricia McDonagh (email available on request.)

Lauren's testimony; "Melina’s words of wisdom pulled on my heartstrings from the moment I started reading. The femininity of a woman radiates from her soul. How you look is essential, but it is so much more than that. There is great depth behind the sparkle in a feminine woman’s eyes.

I am originally a southern belle. Femininity is a way of life for us girls. When someone gives a snide comment, we say, “Bless you heart”, smile, and gracefully go on our way. Still, many of us forget to practice what our Mamas preached.

That’s what prompted me to search for somewhere where I could actually read about the importance of being a feminine woman. I needed to cultivate my “skills.” I found Melina’s blog and have been a faithful reader ever since.

I purchased the ‘Seduction Secrets of a Coquette’ and the ‘the Art and Power of Mystique’. Ladies, the information in them is priceless. They are the type of reading I will pass on to my own daughters one day.

I also recently started the new Feminissima course Melina started. If you want to delve further into what it means to be a feminine artiste, then you should definitely sign up. I try to practice some of the tips everyday, so they will really begin to sink in.

Melina has created a gold mine of information. Each nugget you find will bring you closer to unlocking the feminine energy within yourself. You will become happier as you learn to embrace yourself.

Since I realized this, people seem to gravitate towards me. This is helpful if there is a specific gentleman you are hoping to attract.

Remember, Seduction isn’t making someone do what they don’t want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly already want to do."
Lauren Lauren Sims (email available on request.)

Amanda's testimony; "Two months ago, if someone had asked me to describe myself in just a few words I would have proudly said: strong-willed communicator. “Strong-willed” because I have some pretty well-defined ideas about what I believe and I’m usually not afraid to share them.

“Communicator” because I write for my job, so both verbal and written communication is a central part of my day-to-day work life. Maybe because of these traits, I had long felt communication within a relationship is not an issue for me.

Fast forward to my marriage…

I'm newly married to a fantastic man from Australia. When we met, I assumed we both spoke English! Looking back, I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into. Aside from the everyday complexity of communicating with the opposite sex, I was suddenly neck-deep in communication challenges with a culture that has re-invented the English language with a slew of terms completely unrecognizable to Americans.

Anyone else know what it means to chuck a sickie in the arvo? I sure didn't! Even worse, I soon found my husband and I could speak to each other using the exact same words and still mean very different things.

Our verbal differences made emotional communication a near impossibility. When I had an emotional need, it didn't matter how much I dissected the need into what I felt were rational, bite-sized pieces--he still didn't “get” me.

The more I tried, the more frustrated I got. The more frustrated I got, the more emotional I got, and before long, I was a wallowing mess of tears and runny mascara. Surprisingly, this was a complete turnoff to him. ;)

I needed a better way of communicating with my husband.

I started digging. Originally, I was looking for ways to change my husband. I wanted to help him understand a bit more about himself and his own emotional life so he could learn to communicate with me. I wanted to change him, rather than myself.

While a better understanding of his own emotional nature might be beneficial to him as a person, I now know for certain that telling him to change is not the way to go about it. (In fact, he may eventually step out of his shell on his own as we grow as a couple!)

Fast forward to finding Melina’s website… What a surprise--Melina taught me a few things about myself!

That strong-willed, and fiery attitude I had that so often attracted people to me was also often playing out in very unfeminine ways. I was loud. Brash. I was like a fire that people had to touch, and would then get hurt! I was a force to be reckoned with!

But peeling through those layers led to the biggest discovery I made about myself: the strength I so often display is merely a front to cover up the softness and vulnerability hidden deep inside me. So deep, even I rarely see that side of myself. I was so terrified of showing that fragile vulnerability to anyone, I had changed my personality to fiercely protect it and cover it up!

But that bit of softness is the part of me that makes me a woman--by depriving myself of releasing that, I had made myself a harder, meaner woman and my relationship suffered for it.

I've learned a lot about myself and it's caused positive changes to my marriage in a big way! I found to my surprise, I actually play a large role in the happiness of my marriage. So rather than work on my husband, I'm in full gear changing myself!

This is especially true with regards to my feminine nature. I’m learning about what I like. I’ve found I’m more sensual than frilly, more passionate than prissy, but regardless--I’ve come out of my shell and I’m no longer afraid to be feminine! I actually love wearing dresses! And choosing my favorite perfume to wear for the day is now a favorite part of my morning routine. :)

I’m also not a small girl in terms of size (I’m somewhere around 12 - 14). For my health, I exercise and eat right, but in terms of my size and my past frustrations with weight loss--it doesn’t matter to me anymore! I’ve learned to celebrate my curves and even emphasize them.

I’ve also found the more confident I am with my body, the happier my husband reacts! He loves my curves, so what more could a woman ask for? And who cares what the rest of the world thinks?!!

Every day I focus on challenging myself to grow a bit more, and with God’s help, I am changing. I’m taking baby steps towards being the softer, more feminine woman I know I can be. I don’t have to lose the “fire”, I just need to release that passion like a woman, and not like a man!

I’ve found that for those times where I get frustrated with my husband, I’ve usually lost sight of all he has given for us to be together, or what he does for me each and every day, and when I focus on those things, I restore my grateful heart. When I do misstep somewhere, it’s easier for us to talk things over and move past the problems. In short, we’re both silly happy!

Next for me to explore is how to be more of a siren to my husband. I’m excited for what the future holds, and I’ll always be happy I “met” Melina!"

Amanda Amanda Craig (email available on request.)

'F's' testimony; "Honestly, I didn't know that being FEMININE was such a great asset! The changes I have experienced are many, even career-wise.

ART OF CONVERSATION: The theme of warmth and elegance in Melina's work has changed the way I converse with clients in a much more sophisticated yet approachable way. I can communicate a lot better with my clients and have gained confidence.

When trouble hits I deal with the issue with such calmness! I also feel there is a sweet spirit that I have developed.

ART OF IMAGE DEVELOPMENT: I was the kind of woman who didn't give much attention to her image but after reading Melina's advice about clothing and personal outlook, I have really improved my personal image.
I not only DRESS BETTER as a result of Melina's advice, but I have gained self confidence and feel more beautiful. My career has been boosted too!


Melina has really helped me in my relationship. She's taught me how men think, and as a result, I now know how to approach my man and communicate with him.

Honestly, when you are feminine and following Melina's advice, you can never go wrong. You also don't have to struggle to get
anything from your man.

When you are feminine and informed you know when to speak and how to speak. You get to be yourself with the man who you love. When you are not yourself, you don't enjoy your relationship.

I also used to argue with my man alot but thanks to Melina, we rarely argue. I have learned the art of dealing with a man, thanks to her.

I have also flushed insecurity from my mind and relationship. My mindset has changed. I am not that 'whip woman' who fights for attention. By knowing how to be feminine, the attention just flows.

Thanks to Melina, the feminine virtue and innocence in me has grown. By being feminine I have unlocked the virtue in me.

I concentrate more now on improving myself. Idleness is no longer part of my schedule. I am a happy woman. I could go on and on!"

  (Email provided on request.)

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